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Metal Rainwater Systems Information

All metal rainwater systems offer an exceptional lifetime. Every metal guttering range will out last and out preform a PVCu product and has much greater aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right material for your project is important and each project will have different requirements.


Steel rainwater systems is the lower cost of the metal ranges. Galvanised Steel is stronger that PVCu, it will resist thermal expansion and contraction which results in much more reliable joints.

The steel range we supply is 20% deeper than other steel systems and most PVCu gutters - this offers superior holding capacity and better flow rates.

The manufacturers guarantee lasts 15years although the life expectancy of properly maintained steel gutter systems is 20-25 years.


The steel range comes in a half round profile, finished in either plain galvanised or black powder coated.


Rainclear’s steel system is dry jointed with rubber lined union connectors so silicone is not needed. Steel is lightweight and easy to install with brackets specifically designed for the UK market. It can be installed by a professional or an experienced DIYer.

Traditional Cast Aluminium

At the top end of the price band traditional cast aluminium is best suited to quality, traditional projects. It has great durability in wet weather, it will not rust and can last over 25 years. Cast Aluminium makes a great alternative to cast iron.


The traditional cast aluminium systems is available in a variety of different profiles, including half round, Victorian ogee and moulded profiles also available. Cast aluminium is available pre coated in a powder coating either textured or smooth ready forimmediate installation


Installation is simple with a simple traditional silicone and bolted joint usually installed on fascia brackets or rise and fall brackets.

Traditional gutters come in 1.83m (6ft) lengths with pipes either 2m or 3m long providing a great alternative to cast iron. It can be installed by a professional or an experienced DIYer.

Modern Extruded & Pressed Aluminium

At a much lower price to cast aluminium, extruded aluminium offers a cost effective long lasting system. The material is 2-3mm thick making it much thicker than steel at 0.6mm. The material is easily fabricated so is great for specific site detailing. Pressed systems are available as large profiles which are great for light commercial and industrial buildings. In a domestic application the aluminium should last over 25 years.


There is a great variety of profiles available in extruded & pressed aluminium ranges. With 26 colour choices in each material we are sure you can find a style to suit any project.


There are different joining methods available depending on the systems and profile type. Modern aluminium systems are lightweight making it easy to install 3m lengths. Depending on the systems the products can be installed by a professional or an experienced DIYer.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is the most expensive of the rainwater meal systems. It is extremely long lasting and with the correct maintenance will last 50 years plus.


Cast Iron is best suited to traditional heritage style projects and is essential for any listed buildings. It is available as a half round, Victorian Ogee or Moulded Ogee gutter with round and square downpipes to complete the system. The iron can either be pre painted black with a four coat finish or with a primer coat ready for painting on-site.


Cast iron is a much heavier system compared to the other metals, it should be installed by two people and from scaffolding. A professional or very competent DIYier with an assistant would be able to install this system.

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