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300mm x 300mm Duct Access Chamber - W4DAP300A

£ 20.52 ex vat

300mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 330mm high, stackable duct access chamber with 8 trepanned entry/exit points. Entry points suit 63mm, 110mm and 160mm O/D twinwall ducts.

Chambers can be stacked to a maximum of three chambers high. Supplied as four separate panels that simply interlock together using integrated mortise and tenon lock system. Unit can be assembled in less than 60 seconds.

Manufactured by Naylor Drainage using 100% recycled Polypropylene.


Q:   Can I stack duct access chambers?

A:   Yes, they have been designed with that in mind. You simply sit one box on top of the other, which will lock into place via the four grip clips that are located at the bottom of the chamber.

Q:   How high can I stack the duct access chambers?

A:   To a maximum of three chambers high, which will give you 750mm of clear height (cover) above the duct. Two chambers will give you 450mm of cover.

Q:   How easy is it to assemble the duct access chambers?

A:   Extremely easy. Can be assembled is less than 60 seconds by simply pushing the panels together, once locked into position they will not come apart.

Q:   How do I insert the ducts into the access chamber?

A:   With ease. Select the relevant size duct access point, you have the option of 63mm, 110mm & 160mm. Once selected, use a sharp knife and cut the recess on the inside of the socket.

Q:   What is the clear opening of the duct access chamber?

A:   The duct access chamber measures 290mm x 290mm x 335mm high.

Q:   Do I need to concrete the chambers into place?

A:   Most certainly, although the chambers are really sturdy they should only be used as a former.


1. Excavate the required specified location, to the depth of appropriate number of chambers required, (maximum 3 chambers), plus additional 40mm for depth of base.

2. Install chamber centrally within the specified trench/location.

3. Base of excavated area to be well compacted granular material or concrete slab is preferred.  Drainage runs within the slab are required to allow excess water to drain freely from the constructed chamber.

4. Before duct connection takes place, the trepanned holes located on each chamber will require cutting out to specified diameter.  Naylor Access Chambers take from 63mm to 160mm OD duct pipes.

5. Allow minimum of 150mm surrounding the chamber for solid concrete support, which should be of a semi-dry workable mixture.

6. Ensure concrete fill is evenly distributed around the chamber and level with the top surface. Concrete the frame at the appropriate height.

The chamber shall have a C15/ST3 concrete base and surround, 150mm surround and 150mm base bedded on a 100mm Type 1 sub-base or concrete slab with a 50mm drain hole (base to be constructed first and have a smooth finish)

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