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Rainwater Harvesting - Rainwater_Harvesting

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Rainwater Harvesting can save 50% of mains water in a domestic property. Achieving energy and water independence is becoming more prevalent for many homeowners, those building a new house are able to recycle rainwater to flush toilets, wash clothes and water the garden.  Rainwater is softer than mains water therefore better for appliances, by re-using it; a homeowner is less impacted by future water cost increases. The RainSava Eco Pro takes the best in English tank manufacture and combines it with high quality German components to provide a safe easy to maintain and energy efficient system. 

The RainSava Eco Pro is a direct feed Rainwater Harvesting system. It uses a high specification pump and low energy pump controller offering the home owner lower running costs and a more robust rainwater system.When the pump controller senses a pressure drop in the pipes, it turns on the pump in the tank. The controller allows the home owner to see the status of the pump and protects the pump from switching on and off too many times (if there is a drip in a tap).

The Pump in the RainSava Eco Pro is the smallest in the range of commercial pumps and selected for its extreme reliability.The RainSava Eco Pro has ultra clean, fresh water due to its WISY 0.28mm VORTEX leaf filter.The filter is a critical element to the system and allows users to maintain the system safely themselves. It also oxygenates the water to keep it fresh when being stored.With a mesh size of 0.28mm it is the finest filter available.  

RainSava Eco Pro contains:

  • 1000-7500L Tank
  • Anti backflow and calmed inlet fitted to tank (as per BS8515)
  • External Vortex 0.28mm Leaf filter (110mm inlet, 110mm waste outlet)
  • Zeta low energy pump controller with pump protection
  • Stainless Steel submersible pump with 0.3mm mesh filter
  • 32mm green/black pipe
  • High speed mains water top up with AA air gapPipe marking tape and labels

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