The ecoseat is a stylish comfortable seat that wouldn’t look out of place in any garden or recreational area but it can also be used to store and recycle rainwater!


Features and Benefits of the Ecoseat are:

Stylish & Comfortable

Passes through standard doorway opening for use on

balconies and apartments

At 11 kilos is light enough to be lifted by a single person

when empty

Can take a 160kilos/25 stone loading on seat

Minimum 10 year design life

Stores a minimum 117 litres of rainwater

Totally retrofittable for existing properties

Simply installed for water recycling

Potential to return your investment with savings on water


Simply disconnected when not in use for water storage

Various options for extracting and using stored rainwater

Manufactured in the UK from recyclable material


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£27.00Exc VAT
£32.40 Inc VAT
£159.00Exc VAT
£190.80 Inc VAT
£159.00Exc VAT
£190.80 Inc VAT
£159.00Exc VAT
£190.80 Inc VAT
£159.00Exc VAT
£190.80 Inc VAT