Wastewater from commercial kitchens is contaminated with FOGS (fats, oils and greases). The introduction of FOGs and food solids into the general drainage/sewage system (either main sewage network or private treatment facilities) is detrimental to its proper function and has been shown to be a significant cause of blockages, restrictions and flooding.


Why do I need a Grease Trap?

You should install a grease trap to avoid your drains blocking to prevent issues with odours and to comply with environmental health and building regulations.

What makes the G-Bag Grease Trap the right choice?


You need to purchase a grease trap that works well without kitchen staff daily or weekly maintenance and cleaning. A grease trap that needs no costly electricity supply and doesn’t smell in daily operation or cause an odour nuisance when it needs cleaning. The G-Bag is a uniquely designed, ‘Stress-Free’ and highly effective grease trap and fully compliant with environmental and building regulations. The G-Bag design features a unique plastic bag/trap with integrated pipework and baffles which provides an odour free operation and can be simply and easily removed when required for replacement or maintenance. The innovative G-Bag trap is contained in a premium stainless steel casing. With the G-Bag system you get ‘Stress-Free’ Grease Management


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