At Drainage365 we can offer non return valves to suit 110mm & 160mm pipe sizes .

The valves allow rainwater and grey water to flow in the correct direction towards the final destination and it does not allow the discharged water to flow back up your underground drainage system. An inline valve can be installed as part of the initial underground drainage installation or as a retro fit product should back flow problems occur. The product comes supplied with a single flap for rainwater and grey waste whereas the underground drainage fittings have lockable, accessible access lids and flaps can be locked into the closed position to prevent flow in either direction.


We can also offer Rat Prevention products which is an effective drainage pipe rodent stopper. The unit inserts into a manhole chamber outlet and the curved stainless steel flap allows all water and matter to pass through, however it will block any rodents from entering a property in an upstream direction.


£19.00Exc VAT
£22.80 Inc VAT
£118.00Exc VAT
£141.60 Inc VAT