The Oriflo range of flow control chambers are designed to support SuDS Management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by controlling the flow into the main sewer. Normally sited downstream of a designed attenuation system to control the outlet flow.

Oriflo chambers are fitted with an internal orifice plate to suit the designed flow, the orifice itself is protected by a perforated baffle that helps prevent blockage from silt and solids.

The chambers are fully accessible for maintenance. Oriflo flow control chambers are manufactured to suit the specific on-site design criteria. With a choice of chamber height and diameter with inlet and outlet pipework connections from 100mm to 300mm twinwall pipe or 110 and 160mm en1401 sewer.

The main chambers are manufactured from a high strength polyethylene twinwall, which makes them very strong and robust and able to be installed in granular surround. Being relatively lightweight and a one-piece unit they can save significant amounts of onsite labour as they need no construction or wet trades.

This makes the oriflo flow control chambers a highly affordable way to manage volumes and low flows from low profile attenuation installations.


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