When gravity drainage on the site cannot be achieved this is where a package pump station is used.


The waste from the site flows into an underground storage chamber, where it is then pumped to the main sewer. Package Pump Stations can be used for both foul water (sewage) and surface water applications.


The PENGUIN range of Package Pump Stations has been specifically designed to collect water from basements and ground floor extensions where they cannot be discharged via normal gravity drainage. The most common application would be to collect foul water from a W.C. and/or utility room and then discharge it to the main sewer. The range can also be used effectively to help prevent flooding in housing and commercial developments that are situated in high flood plains. Each PENGUIN station will come to site ready to use with a high quality pump/pumps and pipework fitted with a lockable access cover.


All PENGUIN stations are manufactured using high grade polyethylene bodies, making them extremely robust and they are very easy to install. PENGUIN stations come in a selection of volumes to suit most applications and the stations come in either 610mm or 1000mm diameters.


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