The silt sentinel filter trap is designed to support SuDS management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by limiting the amount that enters the attenuation system.

All silt sentinel units are manufactured from a high strength polyethylene twinwall, which makes them very strong and robust and able to be installed in granular surround or in some areas ‘as dug’ material. The chambers although very robust are relatively lightweight and as they are one piece units, they save significant amounts of onsite costs as they need no construction or wet trades.



Designed specifically for siting upstream of modular/crate type attenuation systems the silt sentinel filter trap has two stages of filtration from the primary filter bucket and a secondary filter before the outlet.


How it works

Surface water enters the unit and any silt and solids in the flow will drop into the filter bucket. This offers primary filtration, removing much of the heavier silt and sand. Any finer particles from the primary filtered flow through the filter bucket will settle at the base and then cleaner separated water will then pass through a secondary fine mesh filter before it is discharged via the outlet pipe. Both the filter bucket and secondary filter are simply removed for cleaning.


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