Silt and Vehicle Wash  Separators

The Environment Agency’s guidelines for underground interceptors/separators PPG3 and specifically PPG13, which are the guidelines for silt, vehicle wash and petrol oil separators/interceptors These guidelines require discharge from brush wash or pressure washers to discharge into a foul drain and where there is no foul drainage available the effluent must be contained within a sealed drainage system or catch pit (silt trap) for disposal by a licensed waste contractor.

The build-up of silt and dirt from vehicles is a major problem particularly from washdown facilities and we have designed the Siltceptor Range to meet the requirements of these guidelines. All siltceptors will efficiently remove the silt and dirt as well as providing a reasonable level of separation of hydrocarbons (oils, grease, petrol) which may be prevalent in the runoff from the drained wash down area. As the detergents that are used in wash down areas will typically break down and disperse any hydrocarbons in the drain off, this will hinder the separation process

Therefore it is important to remember that the main function of our Siltceptor range is to remove silt and dirt

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