Vehicle wash bay installations, especially with underbody washing facilities produce significant volumes of dirt and silt.This is then washed into the drainage system and can cause major issue and blockages. Wash bay silt traps are usually sited in the centre of a car wash either brush or jet wash and the runoff from the wash enters the via the open gratings and the heavier silt and solids will


drop to the base of the trap and separated wastewater then discharges from the outlet at the top of the unit. Silt and debris is removed manually or by tanker.


We offer two wash bay silt traps with a choice of either a 500-litre storage capacity or 1000 litre capacity. Both units can have the sump manufactured from either (GRP) glass reinforced plastic or Galvanised Steel. They come with either single hinged gratings (ST500 litre unit) or double hinged galvanised gratings on the ST1000 unit. The gratings comply with slow-moving wheel load-bearing requirements of FACTA Class B gratings.


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