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Ratwall is a rat blocker that is very cost effective and ideal for installation into underground drains.

Ratwall has a feature of an external hinge and curved flap so there is no restriction of flow within the pipe. It is easily fitted by mechanical compression of the side walls allowing the unit to 'friction fit' from ground level (with additional extension pole) or by hand in a shallow chamber. The flap can be re configured to fit within any inlet of a chamber and no silicone or securing cable are required for installation. The stainless steel ratwall fits securely within 110mm PVC or 100mm clay drainage chamber outlets and will prevent rodents and rats from entering a property




Ratwall is suitable for 100mm drains in both plastic, clay and cast iron. The unit can be configured in an inlet or outlet position

Easy Installation

Dependable. Ratwall can fully open with no hinge within pipe diameter and a curved flap, allowing maximum flow. The device shape ensures it cannot become dislodged and lost in drainage line.

High Quality

Eco Friendly





One Device, full protection

Most dwellings have one main drainage outlet point before connecting to the main sewer, by installing the Rat Blocker here the whole upstream drainage system is protected from Rat intrusion.

A – Terraced Housing

B – Detached Housing

C – Main Sewer Lines

Ratwall installation instructions

Ratwall installation is easiest to install from street level using the optional installation pole. Ratwall has a unique feature that ensures a low force installation by holding the Ratwall unit in compression until it is in place within the pipe..

Installation without the installation pole

Ratwall may be installed using the supplied nut and a 17mm spanner in place of the installation pole. This gives the installer the benefit of holding the unit in compression for a low force installation.

Installation into chamber inlet – orientation of flap

Ratwall is factory configured to work within a manhole chamber outlet, but can be re-configured to protect a chamber inlet. For full details download and follow the installation instructions.

Guide to eradicating rats from a building

Fitting a Rat Blocker will prevent rats accessing the building through the protected drains.  However, a Rat Blocker alone may not guarantee the removal of rats already in the property.  We recommend consulting a professional Pest Controller to ensure the correct measures are taken to ensure all rats are removed and cannot return.  For details of suitable professionals, see our list of Approved Installers.