SKU: BS1804

This product is designed to connect or repair pipelines of different materials and diameter. The smaller side of the Flexseal EDPM rubber drain adaptor coupling with stainless steel bands will connect pipelines with an outside diameter between 160mm - 180mm, the larger side between 180mm - 200mm. It is only suitable for gravity or very low pressure pipe systems.


Typical Applications Large Side

150mm Salt Glazed Clay

150mm Vitrified Clay

150mm Supersleve Clay

150mm Pitch Fibre

150mm Asbestos Cement

150mm Concrete

150mm Ultrarib

200mm PVC Drain


Typical Applications Small Side

160mm PVC Drain

150mm Stainless Steel

150mm Cast Iron (SMU/ENSIGN)

150mm Cast Iron (Soil & Drain)

150mm Ductile Iron

150mm Supersleve