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The PVC deep style running outlet with 3 fixing points and Coriolis effect ridges for improved water flow. As standard the running outlet is only available with a 110mm spigot. The deep style range offers an increased drainage capacity for commercial developments, factories, farm buildings and apartments. Strong and durable, the 170mm system is a heavy duty gutter manufactured from UV resistant PVC that has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 class H and is covered by a 10 year manufactures warranty. The rainwater system incorporates the new factory fitted clip & seal system easing the installation process and providing long-term sealing reliability.


The New Clip & Seal


Brett Martin’s Deepstyle 170mm gutter system features a new and innovative factory fitted Clip & Seal to ease the installation process and provide exceptional long-term sealing reliability.


The unique Clip & Seal fully integrates with the gutter fitting so that the specially designed captive sea; is held securely with in the fitting whilst the clip locks the seal firmly in place


For added convenience the Clip & Seal is fully factory fitted to all Deepstyle 170mm gutter fittings but can also be easily removed if required


When fitting the gutter, the Clip & Seal provides just enough flex to allow the gutter to locate within the fitting, whilst a reassuring click locks the gutter into position compressing the seal for superior sealing.