Metro Modular Duct Access Chamber - 600 x 450 x 330mm

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By Naylor
SKU: 69227

The Naylor Modular Access Chambers systems are an easy to assemble, eco-friendly system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Panels are injection moulded in 100% recycled Polypropylene
  • Panels are easy to assemble, and designed to interlock at the corners with an integrated mortice and tenon taper lock system
  • The external wall is patterned such that a concrete surround will flow into voids, adding to the structural strength of the system.
  • Panels are available in 300mm, 450mm and 600mm sizes, allowing for a range of chamber sizes to be assembled (larger sizes available on request)
  • Panels are 330mm deep, with interlocking features which allow for 3 boxes to be easily stacked per metre depth
  • A range of composite covers and frames are available for all sizes
  • Wide internal flange within the chamber enables covers and frames to fit straight onto the box, therefore direct loading is transferred evenly
  • Panels have trepanned holes which take electricity and utility duct sizes from 63mm to 160mm
  • Adaptors are available for 178mm duct
  • Chambers are versatile and suitable for most ducting applications
  • System is approved for use by many Local Authorities and Utility Sectors
  • Excavate the required specified location, to the depth of appropriate number of chambers required, (maximum 3 chambers), plus additional 40mm for depth of base
  • Install chamber centrally within the specified trench/location
  • Base of excavated area to be well compacted granular material or concrete slab is preferred.
  • Drainage runs within the slab are required to allow excess water to drain freely from the constructed chamber
  • Before duct connection takes place, the trepanned holes located on each chamber will require cutting out to specified diameter
  • Allow minimum clearance of 150mm surrounding the chamber for solid concrete support, which should be of a semi-dry workable mixture
  • Ensure concrete fill is evenly distributed around the chamber and level with the top surface
  • Concrete the frame at the appropriate height
  • Chambers, when completed, must be internally free from any debris
  • Chamber panels are available in 300mm, 450mm and 600mm widths (all 330mm high)
  • Chambers can be supplied pre-assembled in the following sizes (mm): 300×300, 300×450, 450×450, 450×600, 600×600 (larger fabricated sizes available on request)
  • Chambers are able to be stacked 1, 2 or 3 units high
  • Chambers have pre-trepanned cut out areas to accept 63mm, 110mm, 120mm and 160mm diameter duct (adapters for 178mm duct are available on request)
  • The installed chamber shall have a C15/ST3 concrete base and surround, 150mm surround and 150mm base bedded on a 100mm Type 1 sub-base or concrete slab with a 50mm drain hole (base to be constructed first and have a smooth finish)
  • Installed chambers meet the Highway Regulations of minimum duct cover in both footways and road verges
  • For traffic signal/street lighting applications the covers are non-ferrous composite material and fit closely within a galvanised steel frame.  Covers are black in colour and marked “Naylor Drainage” with the legend “Traffic Signals” or “Street Lighting” and have integral lifting keyholes and an anti-skid pattern on the upper surface
  • The frame must be supported on the concrete surround of the chamber on a bed of mortar
  • The cover and frame will meet the loading requirements of BS EN124 Class B125
  • All quality systems and inspection procedures comply with BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate No: FM 01420)