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Klargester Gravity Outlet BA Biodisc 450mm Invert


The gravity outlet Klargester BB BioDisc 450mm invert sewage treatment plant complete with alarm beacon and control panel.Central to the treatment process is the rotating biological contactor (biodisc), which supports a biologically active film or biomass on to which aerobic micro-organisms, naturally found in sewage become established. The BB BioDisc will suit two properties up to 8 bedrooms. Firstly Wastewater and sewage flows into the primary settlement chamber, where solids are settled and retained. Partially clarified liquor containing fine suspended solids flows upwards into the first stage biozone for breaking down by micro-organisms. Suspended solids return to the primary settlement chamber and the liquor to the second stage biozone for further treatment. All remaining solids are settled out in the final settlement tank, the treated effluent is discharged by the means of gravity. Manufactured by Kingspan from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and certified to EN 12566 - building regulation compliant. The Overall dimensions are 1995 diameter x 1850mm high.