MetroFlex Black Twinwall Electric Cable Ducting - 137mm ID, 160mm OD x 50 Metre Coil

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By Naylor
SKU: M29430

Black Twinwall Electric Cable Ducting with preinstalled draw string and coupler.


Coil size: 137mm internal diameter, 160mm external diameter, 50 metre coil length.


Manufactured in polyethylene, the pipe is normally supplied in either 6 metre lengths or 50 metre coils. The external corrugated profile gives the product added strength and the internal bore is smooth to prevent cables from snagging.


The lightweight, flexible duct copes with trench undulations and the high impact resistance minimises special preparation of beds and eliminates the need for special surrounds in most instances.


  • The ducting has simple push fit joints for ease of installation and HDPE flexibility minimises the need for bends
  • Duct is colour coded to customer requirements and can be printed to individual customer specifications
  • High compression strength
  • Protects cables and reduces risk of damage
  • Water resistant if sealed and can be laid at extreme temperatures
  • High chemical resistance

MetroFlex (coils) are designed to meet the required compression strength to current Highways specification and are supplied in various colours and markings to suit NJUG recommendations.

** Please check with your utility provider to make sure that this product meets with their specification **




Nominal ID: 137.0mm (minimum)

Nominal OD: 160.0mm

Length: 50m

Coil Size (Diameter x Height): 2000mm x 1000mm

Coil Weight: 50kg