Polydrain 450mm Diameter Complete Inspection Chamber - Base, Riser and Round Cover - 5 Inlets

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Polydrain 450mm Diameter Complete Inspection Chamber - Base, Riser and Round Cover - 5 Inlets

This complete chamber allows for multiple connection variations in direction to any 110mm drainage layout. 

2 no. 45 degree and 2 no. 90 degree inlets on main channel.

Complete unit consisting of the following components:

1 no. 450mm dia inspection chamber base - MMB450

1 no. 450mm dia riser - MR450

1 no. 450mm dia sealing ring - MS450

1 no. 450mm dia round cover and frame including seal. Class A15, 1.5kn load rating classification - MRCF450

Supplied with four easy fit bungs to block off unused inlets.

Polydrain 450mm inspection chamber complies with the following standards and building regulations:

BS EN 13598: 2010 - Click here to view  certificate

Building Regulations Part H (Maximum invert depth of 1.2m)


Diameter - 450mm

Effective Height - 500mm 

Channel Size - 110mm

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