Polydrain 450mm Diameter Inspection Chamber Base - 5 Inlets (160mm Channel)

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Polydrain 450mm Diameter Inspection Chamber Base - 5 Inlets (160mm Main Channel)

The chamber base allows for multiple connection variations in direction to any 110mm drainage layout. 

2 no. 45 degree and 2 no. 90 degree inlets on main channel.

Supplied with four easy fit bungs to block off unused inlets.

Total depth can be up to 1.2m using MR450 riser.

Polydrain 450mm inspection chamber complies with the following standards and building regulations:

BS EN 13598: 2010 - Click here to view  certificate

Building Regulations Part H (Maximum invert depth of 1.2m)


Diameter - 450mm

Effective Height - 305mm 

Channel Size - 160mm

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