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Terram T1000 geotextile helps prevent the intermixing of solid particles between the layers of soil, yet still permits water to permeate. The tensile strength, high stiffness and permeability of Terram 1000 geotextiles make them ideal for material separation purposes within pavements.

Terram 1000 Benefits

  • Terram makes it easier to spread granular material over soft areas.
  • Minimises the need for excavation and replacement of the original ground.
  • Terram reduces the loss of granular material into the subgrade.
  • Allows work to continue during bad weather.
  • Allows more open gradings to be used for sub-base materials.
  • Terram T1000 allows initial fill layers to be placed over particularly soft ground without construction vehicles becoming stuck.

Roll Sizes:

Domestic Roll 2.25m x 100m

Commercial Roll 4.5m x 100m 

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